Finishing Well Conference

Finishing Well logo 3Finishing Well Conferences are designed to help men and women learn how to recognize the devil’s tactics and arsenal, rely upon Jesus’ victory, and how to restore those who’ve been picked off. The three sessions, based on our books “Picked Off” and “Arm Yourselves”, are typically conducted on a Saturday, beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 2:30 p.m.

Jan handles the bulk of the teaching, but Phyllis shares in the ministry as well. She shares about such things as encouragement, temptations, learning to trust, as well as other topics as the need presents itself.

People are encouraged to write down any questions they may have throughout the conference and at the close of the final session there is a Q & A period. Those who would like personal prayer are ministered to following the close of the conference.

Men's Conference

Ministry to Singles Group (Buffalo, New York)The Finishing Well Conference format is flexible, and can be adapted to fit any schedule. The Conference can be divided into two sessions, utilizing a Sunday AM/PM format, or even possibly a retreat setting, such as a Friday evening and Saturday morning. We’re able to minister one session, or many sessions, depending on the needs of the church. Also, we can focus on specific issues and topics.

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